Gents’ Section

I hope everyone is looking forward to the start of the 2019 competition season on Saturday. Please find some information below regarding our plans for this year.

Monthly Medals:
As you will all know, we are working hard to bring new members to the club. To help our new members get involved and meet as many other members as possible, we are planning to bring back competition draws for the 6 monthly medals. These will be done within approximately half hour slots using booked times in BRS and emailed to competitors on the day before the competition. Please support this initiative.

New members are of course very welcome to join any group in a competition by booking a slot through BRS. If any assistance is needed with this please get in touch.

As well as introducing draws for monthly medals, we plan on running an eclectic over these competitions. There will be a £5 entrance fee for this with prizes to be announced once numbers of entrants are known. Handicap allowance will be 50% of national handicap.

9 hole course:
The first 9 holes now have an official rating which allows them to be used for Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary Scores. Starting on opening day, we will run a trial “9 hole option” for anyone who wants to play during the competition but only has time for 9 holes. This will be a Stableford format with a separate sweep and a single prize. Anyone entering this may also enter the 2s sweep for 50p (except when the designated 2s holes are the 10th and 17th). Please confirm to the starter prior to playing that you are entering the “9 hole option”. It will not be possible for 2 players in a group of 3 or 1 player in a group of 2 to do this.

Remember that players submitting Supplementary Scores must notify the professional before starting the round. Supplementary scores are not permitted during Non-Qualifying Competitions.

Ready Golf:
Without question, slow golf is the biggest cause of complaint at the golf course. To minimise this problem as far as practical, all stroke play competitions should be played in accordance with the principles of ready golf and competitors should allow groups behind to play through where they are losing ground to the group in front.

Please remember that there are a number of significant changes to the rules this year. Don’t be caught out by one of them. Principle ones to remember include:

1. Search time for lost ball reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
2. Ball moves accidentally during search – replace with no penalty
3. Drop ball from knee height when taking relief
4. Measuring your relief area when taking drop – use longest club in the bag (except putter)
5. Ball must be dropped in and played from the relief area
6. When dropping a ball on wrong green under free relief, stance must also be off the green
7. Substituted ball – when taking any relief option your original ball may be substituted with no penalty
8. Plugged (embedded) ball – free relief anywhere on the course
9. Ball unintentionally hits player or equipment, no penalty
10. Double hit – no penalty – count 1 stroke only.
11. Loose impediments can be removed anywhere including in a bunker and penalty area
12. Touching sand in bunker unintentionally is permitted but not right in front of or behind your ball
13. Unplayable ball in bunker – back-on-the-line relief is allowed under penalty of 2 strokes
14. Water hazards now called penalty areas
15. You can take relief from a penalty area (including if your ball is lost) under penalty of 1 stroke provided it is known or virtually certain (>95%) that your original ball is in the penalty area
16. Grounding your club and taking a practice swing in penalty areas now permitted
17. Relief on opposite side of a red staked water hazard no longer permitted
18. Ball or marker accidentally moved on green – replace without penalty
19. Ball marked, lifted and replaced on green then moved by outside agency – replace on original spot without penalty
20. All damage to a green (e.g. spike marks, plug marks) can now be repaired except natural damage or result of greens maintenance (e.g. aeration holes)
21. Putting while flag stick in the hole now permitted
22. Ball wedged against flag stick and hole now deemed to be holed

Mike Mackenzie
Gents Convener